How to make your own taos-snow jacket

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A taos sweater made from the leftover fabric from a snow-shoe-style jacket is perfect for summer in summertime.

The trick is in finding an old sweater and ripping it apart.

(And no, this isn’t a joke.

This is real life.)

1 of 8 • • • Follow Laura on Twitter at @laura_kubel The trick: The old sweater needs to be shredded.

You’ll need the fabric from the old jacket, and the tshirt and the jacket you’ll be wearing to rip the jacket open.

It’s a process that takes several minutes to complete.

You don’t have to buy new fabric, but you will have to find an old pair of skis or a snowboard and rip the fabric to pieces, so there’s a reason why they’re called “skis.”

It’s also a good idea to buy the fabric in bulk.

If you can find the fabric, make sure to use a very high quality material like nylon.

Don’t use cotton or wool.

The fabric will crack, but the seams won’t fray.

The best way to rip a taos jacket apart is to cut the jacket into two pieces and rip them apart.

To start, tear the jacket apart with a pair of scissors.

If it’s not torn enough to rip open the jacket, use a small jigsaw to create a large piece of fabric.

Next, cut a strip of fabric from an old shirt.

The first piece should be about six inches long and about an inch wide.

Cut it into two-inch pieces.

Repeat the process for the second piece.

Make the two pieces as wide as possible and cut the pieces to length.

Then rip them open, taking care to take care not to tear the fabric as you rip it.

This will allow the fabric underneath to stretch, which will allow you to rip out the old sleeve.

Make sure you don’t tear the old collar as you cut it open, as this could rip the sleeve apart, causing it to break and leaving you with a completely useless sweater.

Cut the two sleeves into four pieces, and then rip the sleeves open to remove the collar.

Cut a fourth sleeve off the back, and rip it open to make a fourth piece.

Repeat for the remaining two pieces.

Make four more pieces, one of which should be at least six inches wide, and cut them open to reveal the collar and sleeve.

Now, pull the sleeve of the other sweater open, leaving the back open.

Cut two pieces from the back and rip each piece to length with a sharp jigsaw.

You should have two lengths of ribbing, one longer than the other, and three pieces of thread.

Use that thread to sew the two sides together.

Put the two halves together, making sure they don’t overlap.

Repeat this process for each side.

Repeat all of this for each of the remaining six pieces.

Take a piece of thread and sew them together to create the collar, then attach the collar to the sweater.

The collar can be a little tricky to sew, but once you get it right it should look something like this.

The end result should look like this: And that’s it.

You can use this technique for any jacket, jacket with an attached collar, jacket without a collar, or any jacket you want.

There’s nothing fancy here.

It just takes some time and effort to make, and it will work for any type of jacket.

To buy a taya sweater, you can check out the link below for the materials you’ll need.

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