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‘I was told to go home’: Stowe ski-diving instructor says he was ordered to go back to his hotel and get dressed

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Stowe, Vermont – When Kirkwood Ski Resort sent a letter home to its staff, it was to remind them to wear a ski-dress at all times.

The letter stated: We are writing to inform you that you will be required to wear your ski-Dress for the remainder of the ski season.

This is a direct result of a decision made by the staff in a recent meeting, which was attended by several staff members and our members, and which was discussed with the resort’s chief executive officer.

The resort’s president, Mark Kowalczyk, has said that the ski-wear policy has been in place for some time and that staff are aware of the policy and its meaning.

However, the letter, which also included the names of two employees who were involved in the decision-making process, was leaked to local media on Tuesday.

Kirkwood Ski resort said that while it was disappointed that staff had been sent home, it had no further comment on the matter.

In an email sent to local newspapers on Tuesday, the resort said: The resort’s staff were required to remove all ski-gear items, including helmets, gloves, boots, backpacks and backpacksets, and they are expected to be wearing these at all resort activities.

“We will continue to work with our staff to ensure this policy does not become a distraction to guests and employees and we appreciate the prompt attention received,” the resort wrote.

Stowe Ski Resort said that it had not yet received a copy of the letter.

Last month, the ski resort’s owners and other members of its staff received a letter from the local ski resort asking them to stop wearing their ski-coats at the resort.

In the letter from Stowe Ski, the owners said they had not been instructed to remove any ski-shoes and that they were not required to comply with the letter because of the “unique needs of our employees”.

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