‘I don’t think you can beat a woman on the slopes’: Sherry’s skiing guide

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“I don�t think you could beat a women on the ski slopes.

It�s not easy, it�s a long way to the top.

The ski slope is a huge part of your life, and the women are always going to be there.

That�s just the way it is.”

Read more: Irish Times article Irish ski guide says women�s ski areas are too expensive, while others say they are too popular: Sherry�s, Tulum, Co Galway, Co Down article “It’s hard to tell how much you can spend on a ski slope.

Some ski slopes are quite expensive and there are no female skiers there.

Some are pretty popular, but the average price is around €1,500 per day.

It depends on the terrain.

Some slopes are just for women and some are for men.

Some men and women go to the same resort and there is always an extra cost. It doesn�t matter whether you are a male or female, a young or a retired skier.

Some resorts charge a lot for a day or two, but that doesn�ts affect the quality of your trip.”

The Irish Times article