Ski Boat Rentals – Wisp Ski Resort in NZ to open as ski boat resort

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Wisp ski boat rental company has announced the opening of a ski boat shop in Auckland as part of the company’s first foray into the industry.

The Wisp Skis and Racks rental facility, which is in Wisp on the North Island, is to open at the end of October.

It is a new venture for the company, which was formed to provide rental of ski boats from January 1.

Auckland skiers can get their skis from Wisp, while a number of other major resorts around the country will also be opening their own skis and racks to tourists.

The new ski boat will allow skiers to rent their own paddleboard, skis, boards and snowboards from WISP.

The company also says the skis will have “the same quality, durability and safety standards as skis at other resorts”.WISP Ski boats are available for hire at all the major ski resorts in New Zealand, including Whangarei, Whangara and Taranaki.

The company’s website says it will also offer an array of other products including a range of ski gear and a range a rangeof other products.

The opening of the new ski shop comes as the country’s government and industry focus on creating a healthy economy and protecting our waterways and wildlife.