Tahoe skiing suit, ski suit, tahoes ski suit are coming to retail shelves

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Retailers in the state of Nevada are seeing their sales of tahole ski suits and tahOE ski suits drop off in the last week, according to industry reports.

“We were getting a lot of calls this week, a lot more calls than usual,” said Mike Johnson, owner of the Las Vegas-based company Johnson & Johnson.

“We’ve been getting about one or two calls a week.”

The ski suit market is already in a slowdown, with sales of its own products down nearly 30 percent in the first nine months of this year compared to the same period in 2015.

Johnson & Johnson, which is known for its ski jackets and ski boots, also saw its sales drop 30 percent last year.

It sells taholes and takonas, ski suits, ski boots and t-shirts.

Its products can be found at stores across the country and online.

Tahoe and Tahoe-area businesses have been hit by a series of economic and health scares in recent years.

A large number of customers have moved away from the resorts in the past several years, with some locals complaining about the increased use of air conditioning in resorts.

Johnson, who owns Johnson & Jones, said sales of his products dropped 20 percent last winter, though sales in the fall were up.

Johnson said he’s hopeful that this downturn is due to the warmer weather.

The industry has seen a spike in interest in snowshoes, said Greg Brown, a spokeswoman for the National Snow Board, which owns the snowshoe market.

“That’s definitely the primary focus,” Brown said.

Brown said the industry is also seeing a drop in orders for ski gear.

“People are starting to buy more winter clothing for their families,” Brown added.