What you need to know about jet ski rental costs in Tahoe

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Wachusett Mountain Ski Resort, located about 15 miles north of Lake Tahoe in the town of Lake Oswego, will be the first resort in North America to offer an all-day, all-season jet ski vacation for $200 a person.

The new Jet Ski Rentals are scheduled to be offered starting Friday, March 25.

The first wave will take place at 9 a.m. local time and the second wave will begin at 2 p.m., the resort said.

It will be free to rent the jet ski and you can book at the resort by calling (808) 645-4800.

The Jet Ski rental is for two people and you are responsible for all of the fees.

To get to the ski rentals, take the Tahoe-Oroquois Trail from Tahoe Town Park to the Wachusetts Lake area.

The Lake Taho area is in the area between Lake Osso and Tahoe Lakes.