Canada’s skiing boom is hitting the rocks

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(AP) Canada’s ski industry has been hit by the sudden closure of one of its biggest ski resorts, leaving many in the country without a major winter destination.

Brockton Mountain Resort closed on Monday, shutting down the last of its two main ski areas and leaving about 1,500 people homeless in a community of about 300.

Brosco Resort in southern Ontario closed Wednesday, leaving 1,000 residents homeless.

The resort was the last major resort in the Canadian Rockies to close, but it remains open.

The Canadian Rockies are part of the Great Lakes region and include the Great Falls in Lake Superior, the Great Smoky Mountains and the Rocky Mountains in Tennessee.

The region is also home to many lakes, streams and ponds, but the tourism industry relies on snowmobiles and snowshoeing to get tourists there.

Brampton, a ski town in southwestern Ontario, closed its resort last week.

The last resort in Nova Scotia closed in the spring.

Canada’s ski resorts and snowboarding season have been relatively good, but snowboarding is growing in popularity as more resorts and resorts have opened.

Last year, Canada’s winter ski season was the best ever recorded, and ski resorts have seen some of the biggest growth.

In 2016, Canada had nearly 1 million visitors, and the country’s winter season was among the best in the world.

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