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When you buy a timberline skiing resort, are you prepared for a winter storm?

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When you choose a timber line ski resort, the thought of a stormy day can seem like a distant memory.

But if it comes, it could mean the difference between a quick trip to the lodge and a long-term stay at the resort.

In Australia, there are three different types of timberline resorts – small, medium and large.

The small type has one or two small lodge rooms, but not a lot of lodgings, according to the Australian Snowmobile Association.

It’s also more suitable for families and travellers who want to experience skiing in a shorter amount of time.

The medium-sized timberline resort has a smaller lodge room with two to four lodgages and a small restaurant and bar.

However, it does have a full-service restaurant and has the biggest outdoor terrace in Australia, according the ASMA.

The large type has a full resort and a full restaurant and is more suited to longer stays.

It has one large lodge room, but the majority of lodgs are in the resort itself, not in the restaurant or bar, according ASMA spokesperson Kate Smith.

“There are two full-sized lodgies in the lodge, two small lodgys and two small restaurants,” Ms Smith said.

“So there are plenty of options for people looking for a bit of outdoor adventure in Australia.”

She said a lot people think about the size of their lodgage but it doesn’t matter as much in the long run.

“If you want to stay longer in Australia you need to consider the size and location of your lodge,” she said.

It is a good idea to choose a good location if you have any concerns about weather, she said, but be careful when booking accommodation.

Ms Smith said the biggest thing to remember about logging and timberline tourism is to be prepared for anything, particularly in the cold weather.

“It’s important to know where the roads are, how far away you can be, the amount of trees you can cut down and what the terrain is like,” she told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“Also, know that if you are in a car park you may get stopped by police because they are looking for stolen cars.”

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