Why Bretton Woods Ski Resort’s CEO says Trump should not be in office

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Bretton Wood ski resort, the home of the iconic ski resort in Colorado, is defending itself from criticism over its decision to let Trump enter the country for the weekend, saying that it is “unaware of any evidence” that he is “threatening our lives.”

“We do not have any information that suggests that Mr. Trump is threatening our lives,” BrettonWood ski resort’s president, Brett Thompson, told ABC News, adding that the resort has a “zero tolerance” policy for any potential threats of violence.

“We have a zero tolerance policy for anything like that,” Thompson said.

“And we are a very safe resort, and that’s why I don’t think that anybody would be aware of any threat that could be made against the resort.”

Thompson’s comments come as the resort is under scrutiny after the FBI was alerted about potential threats made against its employees, a move that drew the ire of Trump, who tweeted a video of himself being followed in the parking lot of the resort, which sits just outside of the Denver metro area.

“This is our community.

This is our lifeblood,” Thompson told ABCNews.

“There’s no place in this world for this kind of disrespect and this kind, you know, intimidation.

And I think that’s what we should be focusing on.”

The resort has been under intense scrutiny since Trump’s first week in office, when he was denied entry to the country and called “incompetent” by a federal judge.

The judge blocked Trump from entering the country on March 8, and he has since been granted an emergency stay by a judge.

But after Trump’s remarks were broadcast on the news, a number of high-profile Democratic politicians, including former President Barack Obama and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), called on the president to apologize.

“Mr. Trump, if you’re serious about bringing our nation together, you need to apologize to us, to our people, to your friends,” Obama said in a statement.

“The president’s comments today were not just wrong and offensive, they were dangerous,” Gillibror said in her own statement.

“We must not let Donald Trump divide us.

We must not allow him to divide us from our families, from our community, from us as Americans.”

Trump, meanwhile, lashed out at the decision to allow the president into the country.

“There’s a lot of problems at the airports,” he told reporters on Friday.

“A lot of people are getting killed at the airport.

There’s a bad guy.

This country was founded by and for people like you,” Trump added. “

I think it’s terrible that you can’t control people.”

“This country was founded by and for people like you,” Trump added.

“You have a very big problem on your hands.

You have to come to grips with it.”

Trump’s criticism came after the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning on Thursday about the threat of “a number of people traveling in and out of the country” in the wake of his remarks, including an individual who has said he wanted to carry out an attack on the country as a way to “stop” Trump.

On Friday, the Trump administration defended the resort’s decision to welcome the president, saying the resort had not yet seen any credible evidence of any danger.

“It was not our decision to make the decision at that time,” said the DHS spokesman, Tom Fisher.

“It was the decision of the National Park Service, which is our federal agency that has responsibility for the national parks and other lands in the U.S. That decision was made by the park service.

And we do have a clear understanding of what’s appropriate for public safety and the public safety of visitors.”

Trump tweeted that he was glad to be back at the resort.

“Good to be home at Brettonwoods Ski Resort after such a long absence.

Will be going back to my home base in Ohio for some skiing!” he wrote.

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