Why I love Bristol’s Bristol mountain resort

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With a few miles to go in Bristol, you’re likely to notice a different vibe.

The airy slopes and pristine views are a perfect match for the chill weather, and the resort is no exception.

But the Bristol mountain ski area is a great example of the way the area can make a difference for the community.

We caught up with one of the mountain’s biggest stars, Bristol’s own Katarina Hirst, who is one of many locals who make the town their home.

Katarins skiing career started when she was seven, and by the time she was 14, she had gone to live with her parents in South Wales.

Kat was a talented skier, and spent many years travelling across the country, including a stint in a ski school.

She was also a very active member of the Bristol ski community, working with local businesses and attending ski events.

She said: I grew up in a very small town, which was not the case in the UK.

The town has a population of about 1,500 people, and they have always been very welcoming.

We all went to school together, and when I was young, we all had fun.

Kat said the ski school taught her how to work her body, which allowed her to make the transition from the backcountry to the mountain.

When she came back to Bristol in 2014, Kat was ready to take the plunge.

She’d been skiing for a few years, and she knew she wanted to get into the mountains, but she also knew she needed to do more than that.

Kat started to plan her next steps, and was inspired to start learning how to ski in Bristol.

She found a great ski school near her home, and became the first person to apply for an opening, but her dream never came to fruition.

She wanted to go to the top of the slopes, but the lack of funding meant it wasn’t possible for her to go on any lessons.

Kat eventually got a loan to pay for a trip to the slopes with her dad, who then convinced her to apply.

Kat spent three years studying in the mountains and working with a local company to help with her plans to ski to the summit.

She would spend her free time learning from local guides, getting fit and learning about her skiing heritage.

Kat’s skiing career Kat says she has a few reasons for the passion she has for the mountains.

She believes the experience in the mountain areas has been invaluable in helping her learn to ski more safely and competently.

Kat says: The way the mountains have been managed and the safety they have provided has been really great.

They are a wonderful place to learn about how to safely ski and be confident with your skills.

Kat has also seen the value in skiing in the snow.

Kat grew up on the mountain and enjoyed being part of the ski community.

Kat had a lot of fun skiing with friends, and it was always exciting to get up there.

Kat told BBC Sport: I always loved skiing and I loved getting up there and being part the ski culture, the people and the mountains – it was my life.

Kat now works as a guide for a local ski resort, and says she would love to continue in that role.

Kat is one local who makes the Bristol resort her home Kat’s dad has also been a member of Bristol’s ski community since the early days of Bristol ski resorts.

Kat also enjoys going to the mountains when she can.

Kat added: When you go to Bristol you are a mountain, and if you can’t be that, you can be anywhere, but when you get to the peaks you know where you are and what you are going to be.

Kat still enjoys skiing, but has been getting older and wants to start a family Kat says the mountain is a part of her life, and that she enjoys being a part the mountain lifestyle.

Kat believes that the mountain has provided a lot for her, both financially and emotionally.

Kat, pictured here with her mum, says that she has seen the benefits of being a mountain person Kat said: When I was a child I spent a lot more time skiing than when I got older.

I was always getting up in the morning, and I would spend hours there in the afternoon.

Kat describes herself as a mountain woman, but says she also enjoys spending time with her kids.

Kat likes to go out on the slopes for fun Kat says that having fun is a natural part of living in the country.

Kat explained: When we were young, the mountains were always a great place to go, and now they are all beautiful.

There is so much going on, and there is always something to do, so we are constantly in the same place.

Kat Kat and her husband, Tom, are living in Bristol with their daughter, Katie, and daughter, Mika.

Kat and Tom say that she is very protective of their child, and has even put up with Tom going to Bristol every winter

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