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How to buy the best ski gear for women

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With the winter weather settling in, it’s time to stock up on some skis, shoes and other winter gear for the ladies.

Here are some things to look for on the slopes: • If you’re looking for a ski jacket, there’s no better choice than the Merrell Alpine Classic Winter Jacket from Merrell.

The Merrell Classic is made of a lightweight polyester shell that is waterproof and breathable and designed to be worn with a variety of clothing.

Merrell offers two versions of the Merrett Classic: the Merrion Classic for women and the Merrrion Classic II for men.

The classic merrill is available in black or white and features a fleece lining that offers extra protection for your skin.

If you have a longer ski trip ahead, you can also order the Merllion II for women, which is a slightly thicker, lighter and warmer version of the Classic.• If you need more insulation, consider the Mertex Therm-a-Rest Snowshoe, which has a large, double layer of insulation on the outside that will help you stay warm in the cold.

The Thermare Classic comes in black and white.

The Classic comes with a fleecy material that is breathable but not windproof, and the Thermarel Classic II comes in a lighter gray.

If it’s a bit chilly, you may want to opt for the Thermare Classic II in black, which also comes with the Thermalare insulation.• The Merrord Winter Jacket, Merrell’s lightweight winter jacket, is an excellent choice for women.

The merrord is made from a lightweight, mesh material that provides insulation, wind protection and warmth.

If the Merrill Classic is too warm, you might want to order the Thermarane Classic, which comes in blue, white or red.

The winter Merrords can also be purchased in a larger size for men, which makes them easier to pack.• You might also want to check out the Merrilor Winter Ski Boots, which feature a lightweight mesh lining and a rubber boot pad that keeps your feet dry.

They come in white, black or gray.• A Merrell Snowshovel, which offers a double layer for more protection and wind protection, is the most versatile winter gear option.

Merrill offers three sizes of the Snowshoot Snowshoes, the Small, Medium and Large, and they’re available in white or black.

The Snowshoots come in either white or blue.

If its a bit warmer than you prefer, you’ll want to consider the Thermorale Snowshod, which come in blue or white.• Finally, you could always look to the Merroll Classic Snowshooter, which features a lightweight outer shell, an extra layer of fleece and a boot pad.

Merroell offers a number of models of the classic snowshooter in various colors, including black, gray and white, and it also offers a Merrell Sport Snowshow, which can be used for snowshoeing, as well as a Merroill Sport Ski, which boasts more features.

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