Ski resorts to reopen in Wisconsin due to snowstorm

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Ski resorts are open in Wisconsin for the first time in over a year after a snowstorm killed a string of ski resorts in northern Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources said Sunday it expects the resorts will reopen within 24 hours.

DNR spokesperson Jennifer Korsch said the DNR will send out an advisory to the public and the public will be able to call or text DNR emergency services if they need help.

“If you need help, you can call 911,” Korsz said.

“There is no need to be outside.

There is no reason to be in the snow.”

Korssch said the agency’s snow operations team will continue to monitor the situation and will make recommendations for how to reopen resorts.

A DNR official said the number of ski resort closures in the state was limited.

He said a total of 20 resorts had closed and the DNS was working with ski resorts to figure out how many are open.

The DNR said some of the resorts closed for several days and some of them have not been reopened since.

“We had a really difficult storm,” said DNR snow operations supervisor Jeff Phelan.

“It affected our entire system.

We had our main ski areas and ski lifts closed, our snow operations and snow removal teams closed.

It affected everything.”

The DNS said the snowstorm was caused by the strong El Niño weather system.

“This was a very heavy, very prolonged snowstorm,” said Korsen.

The snowstorm left a trail of destruction in its wake.

“You can tell that it was really hard to find anything to go skiing in and get snow, to go snowboarding,” said Kayla Gulledge, who has lived in Wisconsin’s ski areas for more than 30 years.

GullEdge said the storm made it harder to get to work, but it was also hard to get snow and ice. “

A lot of the snow has fallen,” she said.

GullEdge said the storm made it harder to get to work, but it was also hard to get snow and ice.

“The hardest part is trying to get through it and getting out of the mountains and seeing what you saw on television,” she added.

Korscho said a DNR crew was out Saturday collecting debris, and he said he hopes the storm is just a “wake up call.”

“It was a really hard day for our entire area,” Korgersch said.

He and his staff had to deal with the snow as they waited for the ski resorts back to normal.

“But now we can get on with our lives and enjoy our lives.

And it’s just been really, really hard,” he said.

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