What do you do when you have to put a cat on your ski mount?

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Black Crows ski area, a popular resort for the Northern Territory, has removed a cat from its snowmobile mount due to the “extravagance” of the pet, it has been reported.

The skiers at the remote Snowmass ski area were skiing in the town of Katoomba when they noticed a cat lying on the snow.

“It was in the middle of the snow and was very big,” Snowmass skier Peter Cuthbert told ABC News Australia.

“I looked down and there was a cat and it was on top of the skis.”

Cuthbort then approached the skiers and asked if he could take the cat to the ski resort to get a picture.

“He said, ‘No problem, I’ve got a cat’,” Cuthby said.

“But he didn’t tell us where he got it.”

He then posted a picture of the cat on Facebook with the caption “Cats are cool”.

The skier said he decided to take the pet home, saying: “I was just looking for a good place to have a picture and it ended up on the mountain.”

Snowmass has since removed the cat, which had been named Catie, and is now looking for another cat.

Snowmass Ski Area spokesperson Lisa Burch told the ABC the skier was not allowed to take his cat to Katooms ski resort for fear of damaging the ski.

“It was obviously very big and we have a very large cat,” Ms Burch said.

Snowmans spokesperson Lisa said the ski area was also removing a cat that had been living on a ski stand.

“We have removed that cat from the snowmobile and are taking a look at that cat,” she said.

The Snowmass resort also told ABC the cat was not the property of Snowmans.

“This cat is owned by Snowmans,” Ms Cuthber said.

Cuthbert said he was disappointed to have to remove the cat but that he would never do it again.

“The cat was a very good skier and it’s not an issue,” he said.

Cuthbett said the resort had also taken the cat’s photo online.

“There’s a Facebook post and there’s a lot of comments,” he told ABC.

“People are saying, ‘It’s a shame, it’s a sad story.'”

Snowmass, which is about 25 kilometres (15 miles) from the Goldfields ski resort, is the second-most popular ski area in the Northern Territories.

Katoombas Mount and Pinnacle has been the site of a number of animal fatalities.

Last year, two kittens were found dead on the slopes, with a dog found in the same area.

“I don’t know if there’s anything more to do with cats than that,” CuthBort said.

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