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How to get your horse to drink from a water fountain

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Horse owners are being urged to use water fountains at home rather than drinking from them.

 The problem is that water fongs, or water bowls, can be quite a pain in the neck, and not very easy to clean.

“There’s no way to keep your horse from drinking from a fong,” said Jim Jones, of the Horse Care Society.

“[It’s] the worst kind of water fong, it’s just so hard to clean, it’ll keep your head and neck sore for days.

There’s nothing that you can do about it.”

“It’s like getting a plastic water bottle.

It just gets stuck in your throat, and it’s really irritating.”

The UK’s National Horse and Maidenhead Country Horse Council (NHHC), which advises horse owners, has advised that water bowls should be used at home and that “if you are using one of the many water fiddlers available, always wear protective equipment”.

It advises people to use a fiddle and to “do a bit of water cleaning” on the fiddle before using it.

If you don’t have the time to do a thorough water cleaning, you can buy a bucket to help you with the job.

It also advises people not to drink water from a fountain that is plugged with a hose.

The NHHC advises people who have horses to “use a faucet that’s designed to remove the water from the fountain”.

“If you’re not sure if you have a fiddler, you could always go out and get one,” it advises.

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