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Ski resorts hit with new storm warning

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Breckenwood Ski Resort and the nearby Breckenstein Ski Resort were the first to be issued a severe weather warning on Monday evening, with the ski resort having the highest amount of snow and winds to fall at 5.2 metres per hour, the National Weather Service said.

The forecast for Breckridge Mountain has also been upgraded to a moderate to severe storm warning with a possible storm surge of up to 8 metres, with a wind speed of up, and heavy snowfall of up a foot.

The weather service said heavy snow will likely fall across much of central Utah, from the Breckenburg to the Salt Lake Valley, and that temperatures could drop as low as -35 C.

While Breckernridge ski resort and the Brecksenridge Ski Resort could be hit hard, the resort is in the midst of building its ski and snowboard complex, which will include two additional ski lifts.

It is a new lift structure for Brecksdenridge, which was built in 2001.

The resort will have two more lifts in the future.

A Breckner’s official website says the resort has been built to the highest standards of quality in every way possible, including the use of state-of-the-art equipment.

“We have a new design that includes a completely new, state- of-the art, two-story, custom-built lift structure that features a completely custom snow-to-glass assembly that has never been used before, and the addition of an expanded roof that is the highest-performing roof on the resort,” the Breksenridge website said.

“The new structure is one of the largest lifts in Utah and we expect it to be the most snow-loaded in the country,” the website said, adding that snowfall would be around 4 centimetres.

A few miles away from Breckrenridge Ski, Breckinridge Mountain Resort and its adjoining resort, Brecksenstein Ski, are also being urged to stay indoors after the storm.

“It is important that you do not venture outside during this severe weather and ensure you are ready for the next day of skiing and snowboarding,” the ski area said in a statement.

“Please keep the doors closed and do not use the lifts.

Breckenevers and Breckins have been built in such a way to keep you safe during this time of extreme weather.”

The Breckenfels and Brecksens also posted on Facebook that they would continue to monitor the storm and provide updates as conditions worsened.

Meanwhile, Brekfels snowboard park was closed for the day on Monday night due to “high snow and ice accumulation.”

A message on the park’s Facebook page said the park is closed for an emergency assessment due to high snow and icy conditions, and a warning to avoid “the areas where high snow accumulation is expected,” the Salt River Tribune reported.

The park has also posted a statement on its Facebook page.

“Due to the storm we have closed the Brekfs Snowboard Park until further notice.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Brekffers Snowboard and Skating Parks staff are working diligently to restore service to the Brekhner’s and Breksens snowboard parks,” the statement read.

The Brecksenfels Ski Resort, located in the small town of Breckenhorn, was also closed Monday night after heavy snow fell.

The ski resort is located at the base of Brecksenburg Mountain.

A message posted on the ski lodge’s Facebook account said that snow removal was expected to continue through Tuesday morning, and it was asking anyone who was at the resort at the time to stay home.

“As the snow begins to melt, we are working to restore the lift system to the current condition as quickly as possible,” the resort said.

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