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Ski sweater, ski skiing

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An article on the internet that claims a ski sweater is a good way to stay warm in the winter has attracted the attention of the police, who have opened an investigation.

New Scientist reports that the article on its site says the sweater can be bought at the same time as a ski pack.

The sweater is designed for winter, with a zip that can be fastened over the wearer’s head to keep him warm.

If the zip is removed, the person can be put out in the snow with the wind blowing the cold air out of the zipper and into his mouth, the article says.

The author claims the “snowboard” is better for keeping you warm in cold weather than the conventional ski ski pack, which can be cold and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

“The ski sweater can save you from getting too warm and will keep you cool in the coldest of conditions,” the article explains.

The article claims that the ski jacket is more comfortable than traditional ski boots.

However, the ski clothing maker, Gildan Activewear, said it does not make ski clothing for skiing.

It also said the article has been taken down from the website.

Gildar said the company is currently investigating whether to take the article down.